Now introducing at Feel Free Therapy - Mindful Creativity

I have always believed there is a connection between art and health and well-being. Having the opportunity to express yourself through being creative. I therefore have created therapy with a small little twist for those people that are not sure about therapy or feel a bit apprehensive about hypnotherapy.

In a small group setting or as an individual, you will be able to create some art pieces to take home.

Experiencing what CBT can do to work on some limiting beliefs and negative thoughts you have about yourself .. and if you want to, experience a taste of what hypnotherapy can do for you. It is nothing confronting, just a very gentle introduction.

Take some out to relax and be creative that is safe and confidential.

Gift-vouchers also available. Why not give your special person the gift of mindful creativity and some relaxing time off. 

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Marjo, Christchurch


Anja’s art therapy is so helpful for relaxing and connecting with your friends. The vibes are safe, fun, supportive and creative and I would recommend this to anyone who needs to rest for a minute, while simultaneously solving any of their problems!  


 I identified two areas in my life that required support to enable me to move into a new career - lack of confidence and poor sleep quality. RTT with Anja has positively supported me in both areas. The recordings I consistently listened to each night are an ongoing resource I can go back to when I feel the need.


Thank you Anja, for an enjoyable day at your Creative Art Therapy Workshop. I found the session very relaxing, and it helped to reactivate my creative spirit.

Anja is an experienced and effective therapist with a kind and genuine manner who immediately puts you at ease. One of the exercises we undertook included looking at our self-talk and the negative impact our thoughts can have on our self-esteem when we are self-critical. We each wrote some of the comments down privately and later burnt them, which was a very cathartic experience.

The workshop for me was a delightful experience and highly recommend.

Ellie, Christchurch

Anja's creative therapy workshop was fun and engaging while allowing a safe space to be vulnerable. The 'I am enough' painting I kept from the workshop is a reminder that what I think and believe of myself makes a huge difference. I now have a great mantra in my head while cycling to work!

Declan, Christchurch

Anja's fantastic communication and attitude make it easy to feel safe and listened to. The combination of therapy and artwork link together in a powerful way that reinforces themes and ideas into personal messages you can take away.

Marjo, Christchurch

I was fortunate enough to attend Anja Derks Creative Therapeutic Workshop. I found talking to others in the small group, doing creative crafts and meditating was very helpful. I came in rather stressed but came out feeling really good about myself. The workshop was run in a very professional and confidential manner.  I would recommend attending one of Anja's workshops to everyone.