Meet Anja.

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner.

My name is Anja Derks 

Having been in the health industry for many years, I have seen so many people struggle with all kinds of different issues in their lives.

Be it physical, emotional or psychological, I felt there should be something more we could do to help.

I help men and women to get back on their feet after having experienced traumatic events in their lives, without lifelong therapy sessions or medication.

I have seen with my own teenage children how difficult their lives can become.

Our suicide rates are high in this country and my own children have already in their teenage years gone to more funerals than I have in my whole life.

I know what it feels like to have emotional struggles, physical injuries that took years to overcome and I kept thinking, is this what life is all about?

And that’s when I found Rapid Transformational Therapy and the fast and effective method hypnosis has to offer.

I studied this phenomenal science-based therapy under the watchful eye of the founder of RTT herself, Marisa Peer.

It has been a phenomenal transformation for myself having experienced hypnosis and I am very excited to share this outstanding method of therapy with you.

Looking forward to talk to you and for you to experience a life un-compromised and to set you free.

Get in touch today to book a consultation. 

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